The Bees' Knees-Backyard Beehive Installation and Honey Company​​

our services

-Backyard beehive installations
            $899 full service for 12 months
                        Additional hives: $599 each
                        Annual renewal: $400 for up to 3 hives, $500 for 4+ hives
                        Includes: starter hive (20,000 bees)
                                    Bottom board
                                    Brood box
                                    3 supers
                                    All frames needed for boxes
                                    1 year service agreement
                                    Honey extraction as needed

-Bee sales
            Starter hive nuc $165
            Brood frame $25

-Queen sales
            1 queen $35

-Swarm removal

-Hive removal
            The Bees Knees does not do any demo/reconstruction in homes or buildings,
               but we can attempt to find you a beekeeper that can do so
               and remove hives in the walls.

-Mite treatments
            $75 for up to 3 hives, $25 per additional hive

-Beekeeping training
            $200 for 6 sessions

-Honey extraction
             -Full service extraction $100
                        We retrieve the frames, extract honey, replace frames
             -Partial extraction $50
                        Customer brings frames to honey house
         *Honey will be given back in a plastic jug for customer to divide as needed

-Hive inspections
            $75 for up to 3 hives, $25 each additional