The Bees' Knees-Backyard Beehive Installation and Honey Company​​

about us

The idea took off and we quickly had several full service clients, as well as a few that wanted to be mentored but do the work themselves. Once we got to pull our own honey and taste just how delicious raw, unpasteurized honey from 30 feet outside our back door was, we decided we would start selling it, just for fun. Everyone who tried it loved our honey just as much as we did! We were slowly becoming known in the community as honey producers. ​​​

Now we have over 50 hives, both personal and customer. We have been blown away by the success and support from our community. We are excited to have a true family busniness to teach and, eventually, hand down to our children, Michael, Murray, Braylen and EJ. We hope to continue to serve our clients while doing our part to keep the bee population alive and well. 
Ed and Hannah-Joy DiNello
The Bees Knees started as a hobby for Ed back in 2016, and has grown into a successful family business. We began with 4 hives in our backyard in Brooklet, Georgia. It was just Ed in a beesuit at first, figuring it out as he went. We had friends in the business that gave us tips on how to manage the bees, and Ed realized that there was a niche market for "backyard beehive installation". Basically, it would operate like a lawn care service; customers could be completely hands-off but enjoy having honey produced in their own backyard. They would own the equipment and the bees, but we would come and service the hives and extract honey.